Life Abroad

Curious about what it’s like to live and teach English in elementary schools in France? Want to know about life as an LSE student in London, England? Explore the blog posts below to find out!

La Belle France
*French women (don’t) get fat.
*The List
*Photographing Orléans
*The other side of the teacher’s desk
*early november snapshot
*Toussaint musings
*Appartement nº24
*Welcome to Orléans. A blog in pictures
*Semi-update, camera ramblings & birthday woes
*Great news
*Bang Bang: Amours Imaginaires
*Day 2 of homelessness, or How I didn’t know Jimmy Hendrix was black
*Arrivée en France!

*Business Class Stowaway
*Birthday dinner party on the cheap
*A City of Many Eyes
*LSE & Living in London
*La Bayadère: A Day at the Royal Opera House


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