Handmade Advent Calendar: the Christmas Countdown Begins!

The past few weeks have been hard to say the least. So to keep my mind off things, I have filled my days with projects. My latest project was a felt Advent Calendar! I found the calendar on Etsy on the page of The Lullaby Loft, and I fell in love with it. The instructions to make the calendar cost just $10, whereas a completed calendar costs $285 plus shipping and handling. Needless to say, I decided to buy the instructions lol. This project took me about 2 weeks to make on-and-off.

I’m glad I bought the pattern- the instructions were very simple and clear, little was left to the imagination. It bugs me to no end when directions are vague or don’t completely cover what needs to be done in a certain step. Thankfully, these directions were direct and many steps were even illustrated.

I think the trickiest part of this project was cutting out all the little pieces. Precisely snipping little arms and other tiny felted pieces of anatomy eventually got on my nerves haha. Can you guess who these felted pieces became? They’re in the next photo.

The fun part was sewing all the pieces together and seeing random scraps of fabric and bits of thread became little people and animals. Here’s Mary and Joseph:
mary and joseph-handmade

Baaa! Cute little sheep.

Closeup of the complete felted Bible community lol:

Making the background was fun too. In the photo below, I’m figuring out the placement for the buttons that the people and animals hang on:

In this picture, I had finished sewing all the buttons on:


It took about three hours to cut, arrange, and sew/glue the scenery. Then it took me about an hour or so to sew on the buttons. People who don’t know much about crafting always seem surprised when they hear how much time it took- the thing is, when you want something to look professionally handmade (instead of crudely homemade), a lot of measuring, planning, sketching, and precision cutting is involved. Each little felt person took an hour to make- from cutting out the felt to sewing the last stroke and gluing the gold cording on their little backs.

Cutting out the little numbers for each pocket didn’t take as long as I thought it would- only an hour and a half. Sewing up the pockets was quite fun actually:



Someone suggested that I should be a kindergarten teacher haha. I’ve also been told I should be a party planner, marketing professional, or creative consultant. I really like this creative stuff. I’ve been thinking seriously about whether political sciences is where I belong…but then I think about how amazing it has been to study international affairs. How learning about the world is the reason I made the decision to live abroad in the first place. Why is it that we are encouraged to choose only one profession, one career path? I want them all. I’ve even been looking at fashion and design classes at colleges in my area. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d definitely take one. But then what would I do? Design and sell clothes? Open a shop? The twenties are such a confusing decade.

Well, before I prattle on forever, here’s the finished product!

We haven’t officially started decorating the house for Christmas, so the mantle is a little bare. But it’s cool to have the advent calendar as the centerpiece of the living room…well until our tree comes. 😉

What are you doing to celebrate the holidays? Started any fun crafts? Made any new, yummy recipes?


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  1. Chiara

    It’s super cool!!! 🙂 My sister and I decorated the Christmas tree yesterday with white hearts and angels made of wood and fabric, plus some decorations that I bought last year in London! Can’t wait to eat panettone :p

    • those hearts and angels sound so awesome! send me a pic of your tree, it sounds amazing 🙂 I wish I could eat panettone this christmas too! I went to an Italian shop the other day and I got a small slice of torrone cake…so yummy!!

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