Portobello Market

Several weeks ago, I visited Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It was one of those rare sunny days in London, when the skies gleam blue and even the biting gusts of wind can’t dispel the sweet warmth of the sun. It was that sort of day.
notting hill

We had journeyed for nearly an hour in the underground to travel to this posh bit of the city. The streets in Notting Hill were so wide and airy. It seemed so colorful compared to the Borough–not many sober brick buildings, but rather an abundance of pastel-painted houses.
pretty notting hill

Portobello Market is a string of stands and shops stretched along the seemingly endless Portobello Road. I passed a tidy jeweler’s shop and George Orwell’s house on the way there.
jeweler shop window orwell's house

Below are a few pictures of the start of the market:
start of the market

scotland bike

I quite liked this tea stand. The floral patterns on the tea cups are the motif of every granny’s fantasy bedroom set.

tea time stand

This flower stand was so inviting that I was tempted to buy a few hyacinths. I kind of just wanted to walk into the nook in the middle, sit down, and take it all in.

lovely flowers

And take a look at all of these old-time cameras:
camera stand

I found so many quirky vintage goodies. I even discovered a shop — whose name I forget — that sold the most delicate, beautiful lace, it could make the most hedonist bachelorette hear wedding bells.

In the end, I bought a salmon-coloured top I found in a sale basket in a boutique called Darimeya.
lovely top

I thought that this blouse was so British, with the accentuated collar and the lace fringe.
shirt bows

I also got this delicate, handmade hair bow in the same shop.
darimeya bow

bow back

The shopkeeper packed it all away for me in this darling bag:
darimeya boutique bag

We finished off our day with snacks, and I enjoyed an enormous Brazilian churro, sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with hot dulce de leche.

Outdoor markets are one of my favorite things about London.


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  1. Wow!! Portobello looks like such a darling place! The shirt and bow you picked up are so cute 🙂 Sounds like a good day to me.

    I want to go to England!

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