Business class stowaway

I got to fly in business class today!
luxury seat
Ever wondered what kind of cushy lives the richer folks at the front of the plane lead? Well, let me give you the inside scoop: They are living it UP!

I left the U.S. yesterday to return to London before school starts. The check-in was like any other, except I had forgotten to chose a seat online like you’re supposed to do. My mom had made the ticket reservation, and neither of us had thought to choose a seat. So when the check-in officer told me I had an aisle seat, I asked him if I could have a window seat, which is where I prefer to sit. At first, he couldn’t find any but then he was like “Hmm…oh here’s a spot! There’s one left!” Then he handed me my boarding pass and returned my passport. He smiled and said, “You do know that you’re at the first class check-in counter, though, right?” To which I responded I had no idea- I mean, there was no sign above his desk or anything. Normally first and business class check-in counters are roped off with velvety red cords and a terse “Luxury Class” passive-agressive sign is placed at the front of the line. In fact, when I’ve accidentally queued in the first class line before, I was told by an airport official — who assumed that I was an economy passenger before even deigning to ask — to step out the line. So I apologized and didn’t think twice about the incident. Hey, at least this check-in employee was nice enough to let me check in my bags and give me my boarding pass.

Fast forward to boarding the plane. When I realized that my seat assignment was located in business class, I couldn’t believe it! I was in such disbelief that I actually walked past my seat assignment in business class and walked into the economy area, looking to see if there was another seat with my row and letter number in economy. There wasn’t.

Seriously. Look at all of this leg space in my seating area:

I practically had a living room!

There was also a little drawer to my right, to store whatever you like!

And these buttons to my right?
chair buttons
When you push one, they make the chair slide up or down. You can even put your chair all the way down if you want to sleep. Because this footstool below:

Yeah, it folds down, so you can put your feet up:

And we haven’t even touched the in-flight dinner! Let me tell you- there is actually a menu with more than two choices!
And there are different types of champagne to choose from! Champagne seemed a bit much, so I asked for an Organic Bordeaux Blanc Sec. You know, while I nibbled on salted cashews and read about poverty and welfare in America (lol, how’s that for irony).
Before they serve you, they give you a washcloth dipped in piping-hot lemon water to cleanse your hands with:

Then you’re served the appetizer:
This is “Sliced piquillo peppers with crumbled Gorgonzola, asparagus and truffle cream sauce.”

Next comes the main course:
I asked for “Manicotti pasta with roasted butternut squash and lemon grass sauce.”

I didn’t ask for dessert because at this point, I was full. They offered cheesecake with raspberries, chocolates, and fresh fruit, among other things. And if you get hungry during the flight after dinner, there’s a lounge where you can go and the flight attendants provide you with snacks like cookies and ice cream. I meant to go to that just to see what it was like (and maybe furtively take a few more pictures haha), but sleep kind of took ahold of me and by the time I woke up, we were 2 hours away from landing.

If you’re wondering how the set-up of the chairs is, basically you sit kind of diagonally across from your row partner instead of next to them.

And, when you need a break from each other, you can press a button and the divider in the center rolls upwards.

In the morning, they gave us fresh fruit for breakfast, and a choice of breakfast pastries. I took a warm croissant. They also handed out water bottles.

All in all, it was a great flight! This morning, when I returned to my room, I opened up the toiletry bag they gave us on the flight. At first, I was scared to open it on the plane because I wasn’t sure if it was free or not and I didn’t want to have to pay for it haha. But then I noticed people were taking theirs so I took mine. Look at what is inside of it:
A sleeping mask, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, body lotion, eye cream, lip balm, ear plugs…When I flew British Airways in economy class to go home for the holidays in December, I was happy that they gave us a free toothbrush and that we didn’t have to pay for headphones. Here is the seat that I got back then:
economy brit airways

But this experience was incredible. They lead a nice life in business class, yes they do. And that wasn’t even first class! I really don’t know how the flying experience could get any better than that, but when we were leaving the plane, I noticed that before we exited, we had to go through another area that had black leather seats and fake wood paneling instead of the plastic-type material the business class seats were constructed with. Who the heck knows what goes on in first class. Maybe they have live jazz singing for their listening pleasure while they eat. Or, I don’t know, a free foot massage or something. All I can say is, at the end of the day, we were all on the same plane. And if we went down, we’d all be going down together. Kind of funny, though, that there were 3 different worlds all on one plane.


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  1. Yassi

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Julicia! Happy New Year!

  2. emseats88

    That flight sounds amazing! I wish I could have been there. The dinner sounds nicer than the 3-course meal I ordered on New Year’s, haha. I can’t believe you didn’t order dessert, though…

    So did the airline worker basically bump you up to business class for free?

    • basically! lolll@ airplane food being nicer than the 3-course meal u got on nye. i don’t know about that, but it sure felt nice being treated like royalty 😀
      yeah, i kinda wish i did have room for dessert, but i was literally bursting at the seams after eating the second course. i wish i went into the snack lounge too. that place sounded so cool.

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