It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have a couple of longer posts on the way! But before I knock those out (and they may take a few days longer to finish), I wanted to get a short out. I present to you my latest favorite new toy:

The hot water bottle.

I found it at my favorite British clothing store, Primark (a broke fashionista’s dream shop). It was £5, and had the most adorable little sweater on it. I had to have it. There were quite a few different styles. There was even a stuffed dog water bottle designed so that when you fill it with water, the belly of the dog got chubbier. Cute, huh? I think that hot water bottles are more of a British thing because it’s not so easy to find them in America during the winter time, but they’re in all the shops over here now.

My room can get really cold at times because my heater isn’t the best. The heaters in the residences are designed so that they won’t turn on until the temperature is below 18ºC (about 64ºF). The problem with that is (1) they’re old heaters, so sometimes my room will be feeling like 50ºF, and the dang thing still won’t turn on and (2) the window in my room doesn’t have the best ventilation, so cold air is coming in all the time. There’s an option to push an “instant heat” button, which forces the heater to give the room a 2-hour blast of heat…but it’s probably more like a 1 hour blast because my heater takes a break from working every 15 minutes. This can be frustrating after I’ve come back home from walking in 45ºF weather and press the “instant” button…only to have my heater hum along for 5 minutes, then cut off.

Enter the hot water bottle blankie trick! I fill it up with almost-boiling water, then wrap it up in a blanket for a couple of minutes…

And voilà! Instant, delicious warm coziness.

‘Til next time!


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  1. It is actually SO HARD to find hot water bottles for less than $50 in the States. I don’t get why, because it often gets way colder here?? I got one for a friend last Christmas, and in the end managed to get one for $13…but it was from a medical and maybe non-profit site for old people. Yours is super cute! I have a little bear one with me here, from Ireland.

    • lmao@” it was from a medical and maybe non-profit site for old people”
      yeah i have no idea why they’re so hard to find in the us! what i usually do in the states is wrap a tea towel around an actual water bottle filled with boiling water. at home, we use metal water bottles, not plastic, since they’re BPA-free. they convey heat really well. but i rarely have to do that unless i have a cramp or something because the heater in my bedroom actually works!
      the little bear one u have sounds adorable! i’m imagining him wearing a little green plaid beret for some reason lol

  2. i’m going to email you a picture of him. he has no beret (lol i didn’t get him in the ‘Irish’ section of the international aka back to America airport) but he IS in striped pajamas. i’ve seen metal hot water bottles, but i can’t imagine being competent enough not to scald/reeeally injure myself with one, towel wrapped around or no towel.

  3. haha yay! striped pajamas aaww. yeah, u have to be careful with the metal ones, even with a towel, they convey heat a little TOO well, i sometimes have to wait a few minutes before using it. the one i have back home wasn’t meant to be a hot water bottle though- it was sold as a regular water bottle, but i just use it like that.

  4. emseats88

    I used one of these for the first time when we were living in France! The foyer’s heating was less than ideal….to say the least

    • lol oh no! i was lucky in that respect in orléans. my little heater worked quite well, it never cut off. and since my bed was portable, i would push it right up next to the heater on colder nights and sleep like that haha…i also had 2 duvets lol.

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