chocolate chip banana bread!

IMG_0310inspired by my friend emily, a self-admitted epicurean, i decided to make this delicious, easy-to-make bread. granted, my loaf didn’t come out as fluffy as hers, but i made a few changes to her recipe that could account for the differences.
you can check out the original recipe at her post here. she has an awesome blog and she bakes or features foods she eats weekly. getting all of her updates in my inbox makes me feel like a slacker blogger lol. so motivated by her posts, and also by an inspirational webinar, i decided to get my backside in my computer chair and write a post. the webinar is an hour long, but what stuck with me was this: “there are things in life that give you energy, and there are things in life that take it away.” if you want to have the energy to go after your dreams and goals, you have to make sure you’re doing the things that give you energy- be it blogging, writing, salsa dancing or fencing. and you don’t have to salsa dance because you want to be a professional dancer one day, or blog because you want to be a world-renowned journalist. you can do it simply because it pleases you. don’t just throw yourself into your work or your studies- you will lead a very drained life. make sure you’re replenishing your strength by fueling your passions. i haven’t been doing that. i want to commit to do at least one thing i love every day. at least one.

so, on to the banana bread! the original recipe calls for 2/3 cup of sugar, which is 10 tablespoons. i added three tablespoons.
i love sugar as much as the next girl. in fact, i went through a period in which i was addicted to eating sugar cubes (yes). but did you know that cancer cells eat sugar? eating sugar also suppresses your immune system. as little as 100 grams of sugar (about 8 tbsp) is enough to suppress your immune system for 3 hours. you may think that that’s a large amount of sugar…but when you start to tally how much sugar you consume throughout the day, it’s frightening how easy it is to surpass 100 grams of sugar on the standard american diet. i’ve cut sugar out of my tea and homemade juices, and have been gradually cutting back how much i add to foods i bake.

i also used sea salt instead of table salt. why? because table salt is refined so much that all of the minerals are processed out of it. and the body needs certain minerals. i didn’t add as much baking soda as she did, simply because i don’t like the taste of baking soda. this could be why my bread is so flat haha

last i added semi-sweet chocolate chips…about 3 handfuls.
…i did say i had a sweet tooth. 😉 next time, i intend to use dark chocolate, which has been a recent indulgence of mine. it’s so rich that you only need a little bit to feel satisfied. i feel like when i eat milk chocolate, i don’t feel as fulfilled, so i have to eat more of it to feel satisfied.

after about 50 minutes in the oven, and a cup of tea later…

…it was ready to serve:


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  1. Your bread looks delicious! I actually was just thinking about Banana Bread, because Paula Deen was making some on the Food Network…I’m pretty sure you would have cringed at the amount of sugar and butter, though. Not to mention the fact that she topped the bread with peanut butter and honey. Now I’m craving some! I might have to make a loaf later this week…

    And I completely agree about re-fueling your passions, and filling everyday with at least one thing you love.

    Enjoy the bread for me!

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