Amaranth stones & inherited memories

What draws you to buy something? When you visit a new country, what are the things you bring back to remind you of that place? I was looking at pictures of the trip I took to Greece last spring. They happen to be my favorite mementos of that journey.
P3040122 P3050343
P3060378 P3060349

Some of my pictures aren’t even of special landmarks, they just capture a feeling.
P3060395 P3050267

Another souvenir that I have is a book I bought at a local bookstore there…
P3050340 IMG_0253

Not to forget smooth pebbles that I found at a beach in Santorini. The container I bought at Accessorize in the airport for a euro. I like having something earthy from a place that I visit, be it shells from Venice or kohl from Morocco.

When I was working in retail over the holidays, a fellow sales associate pointed out that I didn’t take as much advantage of our employee discount like many other people did. When I heard this, at first it was a surprise to me that someone had been observing me so closely to gauge my shopping habits. But when I thought about it, he was right. Economy was one reason. But another reason was that for me to buy something, I have to have a connection with it. I can’t buy designer merchandise just because it’s designer. I buy something because it’s practical, it’s aesthetically-pleasing and because I respect the handiwork that goes into it. A generic pair of plastic studs from a brand-name designer just won’t do it for me. However, I may buy a pair of cheap plastic studs if I happen to have a good day, and I want to remember it by something. This is usually what happens when I go to museums and get sucked into their gift shop.

From the Pocono Indian Museum

I’ve noticed that many of the things that I like tend to be commemorative, or souvenirs.

The locket is a gift from my sister, but the earrings I bought at a consignment shop.

This rose quartz necklace below, I bought at a rainy parking lot flea market. A pleasant lady with frizzy, silvery hair was selling her jewelry collection – all of genuine stone – for cheap because she didn’t want it anymore and she didn’t need it. I love buying items with a story behind them.

Of course I can’t do this all the time, there are some instances when buying things new are necessary. Like tights.
IMG_0237 IMG_0241
I’ve always loved different-patterned tights. I think it stems from my grade school years. From Kindergarten all the way up to the 12th grade, I was only allowed to wear navy blue tights as a uniform requirement. Black was not allowed. Dark blue was not allowed. ONLY navy blue. Other schools got to wear cool colors – green, red, white. Now I wear whatever kind of tights I want. Colorful and printed tights are so versatile- they can subtly change the mood of an outfit, lengthen your legs, add pizazz to an otherwise boring ensemble, add another layer of pattern, and simply bring out the creative side in you.

What draws you to buy things? What are your favorite souvenir pieces and why?
P3060419 P3060402


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  1. The box from Greece is so pretty! And I know exactly what you mean…I do the same thing whenever I’m traveling. Admittedly (and probably unsurprisingly), I usually shell out more money for food, and some of my most vivid memories/ “souvenirs” are things that I bought and ate while exploring a town…I will never forget the Tarte aux Fraises I had in Aix en Provence, or the seafood Paella I had in Biarritz. But yes, I’m the same way when it comes to buying actual items. I like to have “souvenirs” that bring back a good memory, and I’ve noticed that the jewelry I wear the most is the jewelry with a specific, positive memory behind it; earrings I bought in Orleans, France when I was walking around with a friend on a lunch break, bracelets that I found in a small boutique close to my apartment, or scarves that I saw while exploring Paris, and couldn’t resist…All these things are more than accessories, but little reminders of the good times I had abroad.

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