Oh, where to start ?!
Perhaps with a good meal:
Savory basil rice, topped with salmon cooked in a light lemon sauce, accompanied by fresh peppers and batavia bought at the river market.

Really, I’ve reached that point now that I have so much to say, that looking at this “draft post” screen, I have nothing to say. I want to post random photos of things in Orléans, talk about discipline in my schools, and the upcoming break. Along with a post that I’ve been wanting to write for some time now about many “cultural facts” about French people which we read about in countless books– ie, French Women Don’t Get Fat (uh, yes they do)–see in movies, and have learned about in French class…which are downright untrue.

Alright, I’m going to start with the easiest. Random photos of random things in Orléans. And then, I’ll write a post about cultural myths and facts. Here goes it:

An entire sunny week in Orléans! Unheard of.
Also, whoever said climate change is a myth clearly has their head screwed on improperly. I mean, 53º weather in February? I’m not complaining, but something isn’t right with this picture.
february forecast?

Same forecast, but in Celsius:
and again in celsius.

Designer Martinis:
d&g does alcohol?? who knew.


Alright. And so the writing begins.


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