Happy New Year 2011!

Bonne Année et Meilleurs Voeux!
fireside on christmas day

Bonjour à tous et à toutes, c’est le nouvel an! This year, my new year’s resolution is to speak only in French, all the time, to people who can understand French. (Which is why my blog is still in English, as I want all of my friends to be able to understand it :0).) The level of my French makes me sick. I’m speaking way too much English, and my French level is way too low for someone who has spent 15 months cumulatively in France. It needs to be higher. It needs to be more fluent. And I’m unhappy with my domineering English accent that comes out while I’m speaking French. But it is so hard to make French friends that 1. I see and speak with regularly on a daily basis and 2. actually want to speak French with me (lol). Most of them want to either better their English OR let me rattle off in mangled French because it’s quicker and easier for them that way than for them to correct every single mistake I make. Also many of them may not feel comfortable correcting my French, even when I tell them to feel free to do so.

I also have another important New Years resolution:
Write for at least 15 minutes every day. This doesn’t just pertain to blogging, but it also includes journaling, writing short stories, and poems. I want to be a writer, but I don’t write enough. My time always seems to be eaten up by lesson planning, working, and miscellaneous mundane life activities (grocery shopping, mailing documents, cleaning, taking care of bills, etc). By the time I get the chance to settle down to read a pleasurable book or crack open my journal and write, I find myself dozing off out of sheer exhaustion lol.

The problem isn’t the writing itself- as soon as I start writing, it’s usually hard for me to start, and two hours can easily go by with me scribbling away. The problem is making the time to do it, and not allowing myself to put it off and do “more important” things (laundry, reading the news, cooking, etc). If I want to be a writer, I have to make writing a priority in my life, and not treat it like a pleasurable activity. Yes, it’s fun to do, but I also need to make sure I’m disciplined and doing it every day, not simply on days when I don’t have any other activities/errands planned.

Those are the two main resolutions that I have for this year. I have smaller, more personal ones, but those two are the ones that I really want to focus on. I think they’re both going to be difficult, as they require an enormous amount of self-discipline. I know it’s going to be especially tough for me to speak with other English teaching assistants in French. When I arrived in Orléans yesterday, I met Meg, and I immediately started speaking in English with her, without thinking. And obviously, once I realized I was speaking English several minutes later, it was too awkward for me to switch into French because it would slow our conversation to one sentence per minute and make communication insipid and tedious.

I don’t know how I’m going to make this work. I was contemplating giving myself 2 free days on the weekends to speak English, just to give myself a breather and a chance to express myself fully. What do you think? I want to practice French as much as possible, but I don’t want to become resentful of this resolution because I speak like a 4-year-old 24/7, you know? We’ll see how this goes.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now, but I’ll most likely be posting later this week. Take care.


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  1. Yassi

    Hey Julicia!

    So it’s my first blog post comment of the new year – whoop whoop, lol. One of my new year’s resolutions is to keep in touch with loved ones and to show them through tangible ways that I love them and care about them. Just dropping you a short note to show you some love and all the best with your goals this year. I believe that you will accomplish them – take one step at a time. Bonne chance et gros bisous!!

  2. Yassi, quelle bonne surprise! 🙂 Merci, je sais que toi aussi, tu peux atteindre ton but. Bisous et un gros calin. xo

    • Yassi

      Girl, if your spoken French is as good as your written french, you are more than fine baby girl!! What is “un gros calin”? I should know this but I don’t lol. I’ll take a guess…a big hug? lol

      and how did that picture get chosen for me. it’s a pink octopus/medusa looking creature. scary haha

      and why are you bending down in your blog pic, missy. looks like you are giving a dub. i know mama taught you better than that hehe

      i am being all types of silly. JE T’AIME!!

      • yup! it’s a big hug 🙂 haha ouais cette photo est un peu effrayante. giving a dub? u know i don’t know that new york slang lol. that picture was actually taken on my 20th birthday, when i was abroad in france my junior year. i was getting ready to go out in my friend’s room. i think i was bending over to pick up a packet of gummy candies, actually lol. we bought so much candy and wine that night. and a cake, a baguette, and calorific, artery-clogging, delicious cheese.

      • Yassi

        lol @ “i don’t understand that NY slang.” It’s equivalent to grinding.

  3. YES! I know you can do this. I have the upmost confidence in you. AND you have inspired me to give Korean my all…..한국어사랑해!
    (I love Korean)

  4. buritoni-chan!! thanks for believing in me:) carrying out this resolution is so hard though! i find myself automatically greeting my anglophone friends in english, because that’s natural thing to do, and what i’m used to. it takes such a strong effort to respond only in french, and it feels so awkward doing it too. =P plus i feel impolite, like i’m hanging a barrier in between the person and myself, a deliberate communication barrier. but that’s not the case at all..i just want to practice French! =P

  5. Deion

    Enfin, je suis arrive a lire ton blog! Ca fait super longtemps mais c’est toujours un grand plaisir. Moi aussi, je veux parler francais plus souvent, parce que j’en ai vraiment perdu l’habitude. Je sais qu’il est toujours la, au fond de moi, dormant, mas le portugais risque d’occuper sa place. Certainement, tu peux atteindre tes buts: ce n’est pas la volonte qui manque, pourtant, il s’agit de la discipline! Bonne chance et bonne annee 2011!

  6. merci deion! tu as raison, c’est la discipline qui est le vrai défi. on peut parler de français ensemble si tu veux, pour s’entraîner. j’espère de te voir de plus sur mon blog et bien sûr que je serai sur le tien. mais écris plus de blogs! depuis novembre, j’attends pour tes nouvelles haha. beijos xx

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