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As you know my camera is broken. And I bought a disposable one and got the film developed last Friday at Carrefour (French version of Walmart). Those photos finally came in today! Granted, they are not of the best quality since they’re disposable cam pics, but I fixed them as well as I could on iPhoto. I actually like that they are a bit blurry and sketchy in some shots, it captures the evanescent novelty of the town, the essence of my unfamiliarity with my surroundings- my room, the people I meet, how I see everything for the first time. I only have pictures from the first camera I brought, and I have a second camera that is only half-filled with pictures so I can’t get those developed yet. However, Carrefour took a week to get this first batch back to me, so you can guess how long they’ll take to get me the next.

Without further ado:
early saturday morning

This street is 2 blocks down from mine. My friends and I woke up early Saturday morning to go to the town market. Not an easy thing to do when half the group is hungover, but everyone made it safely there and back. (In my building, there are four English teachers, including me.)

the bridge
We walked along the river, and there were a few families riding bikes and walking back home, already with baguettes from the market. People are always out and about on the streets. When I wait for my bus to bring me to school on Friday mornings, there is a family I always see that I’ve named the Von Trapps. There are four little blond children- two boys, two girls- and their mother, and they always ride past the bus stop on scooters. It’s too cute.

along the riverbanka bit of the town

So after walking quite a ways, we finally got to the market.
open market entrance
There was a crêpe stand on the left side, and a seafood stand (2nd tent on right) blasting disco music on the other- I nearly bust out laughing when I heard Rihanna belting out “Only Girl” while a middle-aged man sliced salmon into fat chunks- I suppose the club music makes the fish-selling business less mundane.

open market
Buying fresh foods at the market is definitely a family affair. I saw so many French little kids on their father’s shoulders, pushed in prams, clinging to their mothers. The pathway in between stands was very narrow, about half the size it would be in the US, but there were twice as many people walking about, carrying on business. There were quite a few farmers selling organic fruits and produce, such as the eggs in the picture above that I bought. I didn’t take as many pictures of the open market as I would have liked, but quarters were very close, and I didn’t want to be snapping pictures with my obnoxiously loud Kodak “FunSaver” (more like “FunSmudger”…half of the detail in pictures where I would prefer some sharpness is blurred out) to piss people off. I met one of my teachers in the market, whose wife was set to have a baby last week. So it was exciting to see him, but it was only in passing and he didn’t get a chance to tell me if she had a boy or a girl.

Saturday was a good day, the bâtiment peeps (what I’m calling my fellow English assistants who live in my building from now on. bâtiment=building in French) and I bought the ingredients for tacos, which we cooked later that night. Afterwards, we went clubbing in a nearby town called Olivet, with the French friends of one of the bâtiment peeps. It was quite a fun time- I don’t have any pictures (not trying to get kicked out the club with my FunSaver hahaha), but can you believe that the club didn’t close until 5 am?! You can barely find a Domino’s open past that time in DC, and here was a club in a tiny town called Olivet which most people have never heard of, and it was open til 5. Incredible. There was salsa, hip hop, the techno stuff French people like, and a teensy bit of rock. Entrance fee is 10€, but it comes with a free drink! I was astounded. I’ve paid $20, $25 for so many clubs before in the US and never have I ever received a free drink in exchange. What the hell, man?! Lol. Anyways, last weekend was fun, and now I’m going to start filling the next blog with pictures of my new apartment! À toute!


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  1. What a beautiful, serene looking town! I love markets, especially when the weather is nice. Oh, it would be so great to visit!! And, wow- look at you finding all the club spots lol those prices remind me of this club called ID in Japan. If you had an “ID” pass you got in free before 11 with a free drink! I dont think I paid but maybe twice cause I kept getting those passes…

  2. Deion

    Que cidadezinha mais bonitinha =)!!!
    Your new home looks great and as usual, it is a pleasure to read about your adventure as it unfolds.

  3. obrigada, deion! :0) glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. i miss reading yours, and looking at all the beautiful sights and colors of brazil- your blog really motivated me to want to get to know brazil & learn portuguese.

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