Appartement nº24.

So by now you have seen the pictures of the town in my previous blog, but I’m sure you’re a little tired from all that walking round town and would like some R&R.

Welcome to my room.
my bed

Please, do kick your shoes off in the mud room.
the mud room lol

Right, so let’s continue our tour. Here we have the kitchen.
the kitchen
You see that tank above the sink? It’s the hot water. I have to make sure I don’t use too much throughout the day so that I have enough to shower with at night. Really makes a person more environmentally-conscious. The phone you see near the door, after my jacket, is to buzz people in from outside when they press the button next to my room number. I feel very chic to have my own intercom. Nearly all of my kitchen utensils came with the room. I simply had to buy a cutting board. I think I’m going to have to throw that out and buy another one soon though. The one I got was a cheap rip-off, made of substandard wood and already splitting down the center- can you believe that? I spent nearly 4€ on that crap only to have it…oh, you say you don’t care? Well let’s continue on with the tour.

outside my window
Let’s open up the windows for some fresh air. See these flowers? I bought them at the open market last Saturday. They just looked so lovely, and I knew they would make me happy every time I would see them peeking down at me when I walk into the building. So I bought them.

Are you laughing at the tape on my window handle? I put it there to keep my wind chime up because there was no where else to hang it from. I love it when the sun glitters off the exposed rock- the slim stones are a translucent blue, singing, singing in the wind. I bought the chime in Jim Thorpe, a small town in deep country Pennsylvania (well, at least to a city girl). I was mesmerized by the way the stones danced in the light. And the tiny “Made in Brazil” sign. I own nothing from Brazil. Only China. The US. And China.

OKAY, I’ll stop rambling. Yes, you can use the bathroom, go right ahead:
the bathroom
Don’t worry, the pink toilet paper is safe to use. It’s a French thing. They are big on scented and color-printed TP, too. I don’t ask questions, I just buy a pack and keep it moving.

Finally, you’re done in there! Well, here’s the last of the tour, my desk:
the living area

Yup, got my Trini flag up on the wall. You know I have to represent. If you squint, you can see the oranges that I bought at the Saturday market. If you’re wondering what that crumple of fabric is in the left corner, it’s the covering for my futon/couch. I don’t really have any place else to put it as my clothes are in my armoire. You can see my alarm clock on the ledge under my window, and my wall heater. Outside my windows, there are shutters that I can unfold to give myself more privacy at night. Normally, I leave the shutters open and I simply pull the shades down instead of going through the whole open-the-window-close-the-shutter-bring-my-plant-in-and-avoid-the-huge-spider-outside process. Besides, I like a bit of sunlight peeking through the shades to wake me up in the mornings.

Well that’s the end of our tour. Let’s make some lunch now. I’m starving!


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  1. lol!!!! This blog is so cute and your apartment is cuter!!!!! It’s seems like such a nice size!!!!! And the little kitchen is perfect!! Random, but I love your bathroom sink!! Having a small hot water heater like that will make you environmentally conscious.. and yes, girl, I would be upset if I bought a cutting board for that price and it had a split in it!!! l

  2. why did the tour stop BEFORE you made lunch?? it’s all so cute, julicia- like something from a movie. i wish little slightly-blurry round the edges(don’t worry, it looks like you’re being artsy in the pictures around town) of you making french lunch were also up here..*

    *how obvious is it i haven’t eaten properly yet today?

  3. Meg

    “I love it when the sun glitters off the exposed rock- the slim stones are a translucent blue, singing, singing in the wind. ”

    hahahahaha I love it.

  4. Hahaha, oh Claire, GET SOME FOOD!! I’ll get some pictures of Frenchie foods, hopefully next week when the film is done *knocks on wood*

    Buritoniiiiiii- thanks babe 🙂 & girl, you know i was annoyed when I started washing it and I saw the forming of a crevice…that later became a crack…that is soon to become broken in half lol

    Meg- pourquoi tu ris de mon poésie? (just realized that rhymed in french! kudos to meee looool jk) i like to write creatively, so sometimes it comes out when i’m describing random things. like my wind chimes 🙂

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