Painted Nails and the Snow Leopard

Montage of summer nails:
Grâce à Andreaschoice

This was my own design. I didn’t like this one too much…the stickers kept falling off because they were so bulky. Be careful buying cheap nail stickers in drugstores- make sure they’re thin enough to lay flat on your nails.

I got this alternate french tip idea from Naritaz on youtube. She’s the best for simple how-to’s.

My own design. From this pic on, all the designs are mine.

^ps i made that bag

I’m no expert, but I saw one tutorial on youtube this summer, and that’s what got me started. Any questions, let me know :0)

As for Snow Leopard- I love it! To be honest, it’s not a drastic leap from Tiger, but it’s so much more efficient and user-friendly. I can have my apps on the dock and my downloads have their own little cubby on the dock too. I used to hate when my downloads crowded my desktop- unlike most people, I’m pretty anal about having a cleared desktop so I can actually see my background image. I dunno, I just feel claustrophobic with a cluttered mac desktop. But I’m fine with my actual desk being a (semi) mess. Weird much?

Anyways, I love my “new” computer! =) So happy I saved on money by simply adding more memory and getting updated software.

Til next time!


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  1. love the nails. AND the new lay out! PS. Snow leopard? I need some info!! i want to update so bad, so um i’m officially jealous!

  2. thanks girl! leopard is amazing. it’s so much quicker and smarter than tiger. like i said, visually, it’s not a huge leap, but it is definitely a cleaner, smarter layout. i don’t have to do the whole Finder>Applications thing to get to my apps, they’re right on the dock. The calendar icon in the dock (i use ical a lot) actually says today’s date instead of forever saying “july 17th” lol. And I can update certain programs with upgrades that were only available to Leopard users. But to be honest, none of this would have been possible if I didn’t buy a new gigabyte and an external hard drive first. And those, I believe, were the most important factors that cleaned my computer up and made it more efficient. Leopard makes my computer more user-friendly & smarter. Get it?

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