Organza & ribbon headbands

My latest hobby? Making headbands. Take a look at what I’ve made so far:

Organza poppies

Purple headscarf

Baby blue chiffon bow

I found the tutorials for these headbands here and here.

The fun part for the poppy flowers was burning the organza over a flame to make them curl in. It was kind of tricky because the petals starting curling in opposite directions at first, but I got the hang of it. The purple slouchy headband is harder to make than it looks- attaching the elastic strap in the back took forever. I had to cut and resew it twice before I got it right.

I got my laptop back from Microcenter today! I dropped it off yesterday, because I didn’t really have time to go there over the weekend. When I got home and turned on my computer, it had 1.23 available gigabytes. I opened my external hard drive and put it to work. I transferred photos, files, documents, folders. I deleted almost everything off of my computer, and only saved a double-copy of the most important stuff on my hard drive: my resume, some internship applications I’m working on. By the time I was done cleaning files off my computer, I had a whooping 19.27 gigabytes of free space! Amazing what a little spring cleaning can do.

I’m also amazed at how much space photos can take. My goodness. High tech cameras are both a blessing and a curse. They capture a moment with breathtaking precision, but they clog up so much space on your computer! 18 gigabytes of the space on my computer was purely pictures! And this is after two sessions of clearing off photo folders from my laptop onto USB drives. I am definitely learning from this lesson: only take pictures that I need, and swiftly transfer them either to a USB or upload them to a picture-sharing site. Because keeping them on your computer is simply a waste of space.

I’m a little mind-boggled at the fact that I purchased 2 GB of memory for my computer…but there’s 19 GB of available space, but I suppose the 2 GB is a different kind of GB?? Who knows. Save that knowledge for the techies. Anyways, I’m just so glad I have more room to play with on my mac now. And now I’m off to surf Ebay and Amazon for any remaining copies of Leopard (apparently they don’t sell it in stores anymore bc it’s too “old.” They only sell the Snow Leopard upgrade to computers that already have Leopard. *Rolls eyes. It’s a techy-tech world we live in now).

Until next time.
Edited 8/11/10 to add:
I found out that I can buy the Mac Box Set on the Apple Website to upgrade directly to Snow Leopard! This is amazing. I’m going to buy this set instead of trying to track down the original Leopard. Prices for Leopard on Amazon were ridiculous, from $150 to $300. On, I can get iLife, iWork, and Snow Leopard all for $170 (including tax. shipping is free). So I think I’ll go with that. Sigh. Even though I’m saving money by not getting a new laptop, I’m still spending money. Ah well, I guess that is what it’s for 😛


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