where the hell did november come from?

Is it just me, or did November creep up on us mad fast? I swear, time just keeps blasting ahead. Before I know it, I’ll be a menopausal middle-aged women with false teeth and three whiny high school kids. But I digress.

The great thing about November is that it is the month that brings my birthday, and yes, I am happy to say I am now 21. It’s a pretty awesome age in America. My friends took me out to a 21+ nightclub and bought me drinks. Then, on my actual birthday day, they threw me a surprise party with cake and presents. I had beautiful day. It feels quite glamourous to finally be 21, but now I know why the store is called Forever 21–I have no intention of ever turning 22, or of going beyond the age that I am right now. I am quite content with being 21 for the rest of my life, hahah.

So I realize with all this talk of birthday festivity I am evading a very important point–I have not, in fact, written in a month. All I can say is…midterms hijacked my life but this blog will be riding in the front seat from now on. I got my Chinese midterm back on Monday, and it was not pretty. (Let’s just say I was a few points away from not passing…) So forward marching! I shall, how you say, be 練習’ing it up in the next few days.


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  1. LOL @ no intentions of turning 21. I definitely know how that feels. As I look ahead and feel September creeping up on me, I feel like preparing a defense strategy against a brutal attack. I don’t want to turn 22.

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