20 is awkward

20 is such an awkward age. You’re not a teenager anymore, so you feel awkward hanging out in the 18+ nightclubs  with the younger crowd, but you’re still not old enough to chill with the grown folk, in a real club. I know I could just get a fake 身份證 but I’m not actually that hype off of drinking early. I’ve lived in 法國 (France) for a year, so I’m kind of over that stage and just annoyed that back in America-land, I can no longer do something as simple as buying a nice wine for dinner just because I feel like it. It’s frustrating.

There was a dance party on campus, but I did not want to end the night “getting jiggy” with 19-year-old boys. So here I am, in my room, about to read a bit then knock out. I got emailed about 2 hours ago by a professor that she randomly selected me and two other girls to present a 250-page book (of which I’ve read 100 pages) to present in class on Monday.

So. In total. I have: one 8-10 pg paper, 2 oral presentations, 1 Chinese essay, and 1 impossibly-hard Chinese test.

Great. This weekend is going to be awesome.


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