pardon the ghettoness that is my blog

I have researched for SIX HOURS how to upload a new theme onto my wordpress blog to no avail. I have a Mac, which further complicates matters. After installing MAMP, CyberDuck, and pulling out my hair to figure out why the hell FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and Cloud Files would not let me log in to my server or whatever the heck it is I’m supposed to do, I have decided (at 5:46am in the morning) to give up and go to sleep. So much for getting up early tomorrow and working on my 8-10 page paper due next week.

I mean what the hell. What normal person has honestly heard of FTP, server, domain status, and Port 21 before and actually knows (1) what they mean and (2) how the right combination of the four will give you a cute little background with yellow flowers and pink sidebars (that’s all I really wanted, before this webhost/publishingplatform/localhost8888 nightmare started)?!?!?

Oh and I don’t know why my Gravator won’t load at the bottom of the page. I put a nice little picture in, but for some ridiculous reason unbeknownest to me, it’s decided to reject my choice and instead display an idiotic blue kaledoscopic image. Well fine then. I don’t really give a rat’s ass at this point. Because I’m going to bed.


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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t know how to change the layout of my page either, and I also dont know how you got a picture instead of the generic little design. props.

  2. hi smallember! thanks for ur comment–i felt so incompetent last night trying to figure out all that website webcrap jargon. to make matters worse, when i searched old topics in the “support” section for help, many of the administrators and moderators were rude and seemed to have a holier-than-thou attitude towards helping inexpert bloggers like myself.

    but thankfully this morning i figured out how to upload my picture by myself. i uploaded a gravatar, and instead of adding the “gravatar” widget, i added the “authors” one. the authors widget showed my picture whereas the gravatar one just showed a polychromatic box.

    whew! this wordpress thing is not going to be easy. writing with blogger had been such a breeze.

  3. we must be kindred spirits. I’m jealous that you got that picture up at all. I’m going through the forums and such and still nothing. I went to some weird website and it new my email address already and i put up a picture, nothing. not a damn thing.
    any advice?

  4. oh gosh. was that the gravatar site? hm..from what i can remember, all i did was go to myaccount>>profile>>change gravatar. then i changed it, and like u said a weird website came up that said ‘pick the rating of ur photo’ g/pg/r/x. was this the same site? then my photo loaded, and that was that. apparently u have to wait at least 7 hrs for ur photo to actually really & truly be ‘registered’ in the system (which i think is complete bullsh*t. we can send a man to the moon but we can’t see a picture we’ve uploaded onto our freakin wordpress??), and THEN it will show up on ur page. but for me, it never showed up in my gravatar widget on my blog, just on my authors widget. so i used the latter widget.

    make sense? let me know if it doesn’t. i hope that helps somewhat. i probably don’t know that much, but i’ll help u if u have any more questions.

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