Toxic water for the people of West Virgina

A water sample collected from a water heater…Residents say such water is typical and has destroyed toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.

This is ridiculous.

I read this article a couple of days ago and was enraged. In a town right outside of Charleston, West Virginia, residents cannot bathe, drink, or even have physical contact with the running tap water from their pipes. Their water is rife with chemicals, inorganic toxins and heavy metals illegally dumped by chemical factories, power plants, sewage treatment center. Though the pollution is scentless and tasteless, it is so volatile that peoples’ skin is burned when they take showers, and they have to buy bottled water to brush their teeth (otherwise the chemicals will rot their enamel). The toxins in this water are at such high levels that they can contribute to cancer, birth defects and other illnesses.

We are in the 21st century. In the United States of America, the self-proclaimed richest country in the world.

Why the hell can’t our citizens get as basic a commodity as CLEAN RUNNING WATER?????!!!

An excerpt:

Enforcement lapses [of the Clean Water Act of 1972] were particularly bad under the administration of President George W. Bush, employees say. “For the last eight years, my hands have been tied,” said one E.P.A. [Environmental Protection Agency] official who requested anonymity for fear of retribution.

Big surprise. Sometimes I think of how close we were to electing McCain and Palin, and I shudder. It’s going to take more than four years to undo nearly a decade of disastrous governing policies.

Also, random, but does anyone else get annoyed when people say “Barack” instead of “President Barack Obama” or “President Obama” or at least “Obama”? Give the man some respect, please. He’s the president of our nation. Bush may have been the worst president to hit our nation but I never even dreamed of referring to him as “George,” even when talking about his horrible policies with friends. But anyways. I digress.


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