Obsessed: Movie Review

This movie review most first of all be preceded by a confession: yes, I have seen the movie Obsessed with Beyoncé, even after telling myself I wouldn’t and laughing my head off at the ad for it on one of my favorite websites. I had clicked on the ad which linked to the official Obsessed website, and concluded from the dramatic dark colors and the positioning of the actors that it was just another unoriginal movie about a man cheating on his wife, with Beyoncé cast as said wife to save the film from complete obscurity. So naturally, I expected Beyoncé to get a lot of screen time and for there not to be a lot of plot. But I was wrong. So, I brushed the movie off, and didn’t give it a chance….until my mother rented it from Red Box for us to watch together one night, hahahah. So I watched it with mom.

Obsessed is a movie that raises a clever point: if your man told you he was the target of sexual assault by another woman, would you believe him? In all honesty, my answer is no. I most likely would not believe him before seeing this movie. But men and boys can — and do — get sexually exploited by women. Take Lil Wayne for example. On this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, he admitted to being negatively impacted by a sexual incident that happened between him and an older girl (watch from 2:50). I will let you be the judge of whether this incident was rape or not after watching this clip; then, reverse the gender roles–what if it were an 11-year-old girl in that position?–and see if your judgment remains the same. Well?

So all in all, Obsessed was movie with a novel question. It could have done without the cheesy, overly-dramatic music which played throughout much of the film, giving it a horror-movie-like vibe and making me feel like any minute an axe-murder was about to enter stage left and kill someone. I was surprised that Beyoncé docilely played just what her character called for–a wife–and that was that. She wasn’t a wife who was also a singer, or a diva, or an actress, or any combination of the three which so often equates in her playing a character that is, in essence, herself. I also appreciated that Sharon, the name of the woman Beyoncé played, wanted to be an educated girl–not just a wife and a mom, but a woman with an education who was a person in her own right, not just to be defined by her relations to someone else. This is something that I fear myself. That once you marry and have kids, you become mother and wife, and that’s the end of your life as an individual, lol. I liked how her character was going against that. So. Praise for Beyoncé in the role of Sharon–which is saying much for a girl (me) who normally does not have a good word to say for the girl (Beyoncé), as you (the readers) will later see in the course of this blog.

Anyone else see the movie?
Your thoughts, comments?

And speaking of Obsessed…..As in that new Mariah Carey music video….I think it’s so fitting that the “stalker” who is so obsessed with her is played by no one but herself! Ahahahaha


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  1. Carla

    I'm not the biggest Beyonce fan in the world *cough* altho I'll be the last to say that her acting chops haven't improved if Dreamgirls is anything to go by. However, as you've said, this is her first movie role where she doesn't play a singer…something a lot of people – myself included- see as merely an extension of herself. So it will definitely be interesting to see how she handles playing against type.

  2. Carla

    btw are you gonna write a separate post about the lil wayne incident? I know what my gut reacting was buuuuut lol

  3. sunday

    I was thinking of doing that actually–sometime early next week, expect a post on Lil Wayne. And I want to hear your gut reaction too once I do!

  4. Carla

    So I've done the big think thing on the lil wayne Jimmy Kimmel interview incident and where I'm at right now is soooo far from where I was initially. Thank god.

    Gut reaction = not rape, okay fine sorta rape but you know that type of rape that isnt really baaad because you know it happened to a man type rape.

    Yeah, I was that girl. 😦

    On the upside the tense is past. But I'm not gonna lie I'm feeling pretty shit for having harboured what I feel are some really toxic assumptions.

    Assumption #1 It's not that big of a deal because you know he's a man

    Fact #1: Not man, boy. Young boy. Child. Forget that this wasn't consensual AT ALL and even when lil wayne was giving the interview it comes across pretty clearly that the incident was not a pleasant one for him. The fact is that CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT TO SEX. Not legally, not morally. Cos it'll f*** them up, no pun intended

    Assumption # 2: He's a man so it's not really that bad. Men like sex anyways

    Fact#2: Um, whaaaat??? Men have to be rearing to go all the time everytime, with whomever/whatevers around?? WTF!??! Oh riiiiiiight, I forgot that society has such a limited view on male sexuality wherein THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS FOLKS. Men are mindlessly, inherently horny and they just can't get enough. And hey, since we women are all either prudish virginal figures or total, total sluts then you know, awesome.

    I know you guys might think that I'm overreacting to a 'funny' interview and that no it doesn't hold some stark image as to where we are as a society but please consider this: we don't immediately see lil wayne as a victim, despite that fact that he WAS A CHILD and BECAUSE (at least in my case) of the fact that he's a he. It's sick. We end up in this place where a man can get on national television and talk about being rapped AS A CHILD, and we the audience wink wink and nudge nudge him cos, you know, what a man!

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